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Joyería Papidú was born in 1976 in Guatemala City, as the materialization of a dream conceived by the gemologist, jewelry designer and goldsmith, Jorge Novo Docampo and his wife Victoria Reyes de Novo. Jorge Novo came from a family of Spanish goldsmiths- his father and grandfather before him. Jorge’s children, Fátima and Manolo Novo, are fourth generation jewelers and the first born in Guatemala. Originally, Joyerías Novo were in Spain, moved to Cuba and later established in the United States. When Jorge Novo married Victoria Reyes and started a family, they moved the business to Guatemala, his wife's country of origin. The Novo's decided to change the business name to Joyería Papidú once in Guatemala. Papidú being the name by which Jorge's eldest son called him instead of “Dad".  


Joyería Papidú

is family-owned and operated with 40 years of retail experience in Guatemala. From the very beginning, it was personally attended to by the founding partners, Jorge and Vicky Novo. Now, 40 years later, their children Manolo and Fátima Novo have joined. Both Manolo and Fátima are graduates of the world-renowned Gemological Institute of America recognized throughout the world as the leader in the field of gems and diamonds and better known as “GIA”, for which we are able to provide gem appraisal and identification for our customers. Joyería Papidú is characterized by offering original Papidú pieces in the following collections: Giorgia Rose, Atit Ya and Eco by Papidú, all designed and manufactured by Guatemalan hands. We manufacture and repair using the most advanced technology and machinery. Our shop is also available to maintain, clean and repair jewelry and watches. We take pride in our custom made designs, uniquely manufactured and tailored to the customers likes.  

About us
About us